The TMI Initiative, formerly known as TMI Arlington, seeks to help nonprofits serving Arlington to become more efficient, more effective and greener. Created to coordinate the receipt and distribution of legacy IT equipment throughout the Arlington community and Northern Virginia. Partnering with Microsoft, Dell and other vendors, the Initiative repairs any broken parts, securely erases all legacy configuration, programs and data, and installs new copies of Microsoft Windows, Office, and anti-virus. Once completely refurbished and tested, The Initiative’s Donations Team works with various non-profit organizations, educational facilities and individuals in need to distribute the equipment, at no cost to the recipient, where it can be most utilized.

You can help us connect non-profits and those in need with the technology they need to succeed.

Here’s how:

DONATE! If you have used computers, laptops, printers, etc. in a closet and you have been wondering how to safely dispose of them, simply send an email to Your donated equipment will help a local non-profit improve our community!

VOLUNTEER! Volunteer your time picking up technology from donors or being on hand at scheduled donation events or use your computer skills to refurbish donated technology.

SPONSOR AN EVENT! Donate funds to sponsor an event, defraying advertising and other costs that can then be used to provide additional equipment and training resources to our recipients.

Email today, to Donate, Volunteer, or become a Sponsor!

What Happens to My Donation?


Step One – Renew

The moment you donate your used equipment to TMI, it will begin to take on a new life. Your charitable donation will provide renewed strength and possibility to a deserving recipient. Your donated equipment is immediately added to the TMI inventory list and the process of pairing your equipment with a deserving applicant begins.

See a list of our recipient organizations.


Step Two – Refurbish

Your equipment will be completely refurbished and outfitted with the latest compatible operating system by trained TMI staff. We understand your privacy and safety concerns and guarantee that your equipment will be completely free of your previous data before being distributed to the new owner.


Step Three – Repurpose

TMI’s Premier Partner, the Arlington Community Foundation, has been connecting non-profits with charitable donations and grants since 1993. Their skilled team helps TMI find just the right recipients for your donated equipment in order to maximize the positive impact in the Arlington community and throughout Northern Virginia

See a list of our other outstanding partners.